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Jul 24 2008, 02:00 PM
Did it every occur to Marlena, Kayla, Hope, Steve, Roman, Abe etc. that he could just be having a bad day? Does it really need to be such a topic of conversation?
It's just poor writing. If Higley developed her characters well, we'd see a change gradually come over Bo, maybe in four or five shows. His daily life would be disrupted. We'd see what he's thinking, and we'd know he's worried. Then his loved ones would begin to notice this as well, until someone got concerned enough to intervene and say something.

Instead, Higley decides to put "Bo's Bad Day" into one show. He throws something on the desk, Marlena sees it, end of story. I'm not sure Higley even knows what character development is.

On the topic of today's show, the only scene I liked was Bo and Steve at the bar. I liked the dialogue and the acting, and I liked how Bo tried to dance around the issue until Steve got it out of him.

Other than that, I dislike the writing for pretty much every single storyline, and the three couples featured today (Chelsea/Dan, Stephanie/Max and John/Ava) are all unappealing in so many ways. For one thing, two couples look like father/daughter, and one is already related. I'm not sure how much worse the show can get at this point.
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