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^I have no problem with the Bo stuff. This is really the first time he was out in public and at the station so of course more people noticed. Plus, Caroline, Daniel, and Chelsea noticed it on Tuesday so it's not just a one day thing and Hope has noticed it too. I think the story has been well-written and the conflict has been well played. It's one of Higley's positives IMO. I really liked the station stuff today. I love that Marlena's past as a police psychologist was referred too and I even liked her scenes with Roman because they were about something else beside John. I'm shocked by how they are addressing the Ava stuff because they are actually being realistic and detailed. There was a nice flow today with Marlena and Roman discussing it while Steve and Kayla did as well and then conversed about it with Marlena and Roman. Good scenes all around and the way Kayla learned from Marlena about Bo was very logical. I did like the end scene with Steve and Bo. I hope we get more friendship scenes with them soon. Good stuff and good ending.

Loved the Marlena/Bo scene too. I love those two in scenes.

Philip/Morgan really went nowhere today but I do like the foundation being laid to their relationship. I'm really enjoying the Philip/Bo scenes though.

I also LMAO when Steve was reading a book called "Daddy Don't Drop Me!' :laugh: .

Stax was crap as usual and Chan just sucked. Now there is bad writing. Not only are they writing Chelsea immature and like a teenager but they are making Daniel seem much older then he is, thereby making this ickier. Plus, Melvin is playing it wrong. She is playing Chelsea like a teenager and the way they are dressing her sucks too.

I did like the John and Ava scenes. Good stuff and good J&M scene at the end too.

I really enjoyed today but can't wait for tomorrow.
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