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Since Jonatha posted the Critical mass from SOW, I thought it would a good idea to post something that was in the July 29, 2008 issue of SOD just for the sake of discussion. It was in the Editor's Note section where Lynn Leahey gives brief thoughts on soaps and things that can be found in SOD for that week. I just thought this was interesting as it seems critics are praising Days more now and I know alot of people who are back to watching again too. Just makes you see how we all can see different things when we watch. Anyway, here it is (I'm only posting the Days section):

"I am loving DAYS OF OUR LIVES right now for so many reasons: the dynamic young stars; the vets who are getting air time and material that's fresh, not recycled (love the "new" John Black), and the way characters are finding love---or at least sex---in unexpected places. DAYS is keeping us on our toes, not with outrageous storytelling, but with quirky, character-based twists---it's like we're looking at the same people we always have, but through a better quality lens. I especially appreciate the balance: plots like John's memory disk and Sami's twins by two fathers are balanced by Abe and Lexie grappling with their son's autism diagnosis. There is just so much drama to be mined from true-to-life family situations, and the autism story is shaping up to be both heartwrenching and a boon to parents on the same journey the Carvers face. Keep it coming, DAYS!

There you go. I do agree that aspects of Days are character-based, like the dock wars stuff and the Bo/Philip stuff. I also think the John/Ava thing is. Nicole/EJ is as well IMO and I may hate Stax with a passion but the whole Trent/Max thing is too. The rest has more plot-driven aspects then anything else. Plus, the autism story is a wreck. All the potential of this got tossed out the window in the first week. It gives us nice scenes but that's it. I do like how things have been mixed up for the Nicole/EJ/Sami/Lucas/Chloe/Philip/Morgan contingent.

I haven't taken stock in any soap magazine critics in years, especially when most of them caved to the networks and began hyping and justifying all the shit that was put onscreen. I may be liking alot of Days right now and may be thinking it's improving but I do think the show has major issues that need to be resolved still and I do think critiques (assuming no one was paid off to write this or something) like this only make things worse because then TPTB think they are doing a good job with certain things and fail to see the issues at hand. There was even an article in SOW a few weeks ago, praising the Chan story and the focus on age appropriateness and how Melvin and Christian work well together with a nice chemistry. We also know that Stax and their love story has been praised by critics. This is why the "hacks" in daytime today get away with things for so long...because the so called soap media behave like we have seen in recent years and TPTB buy into it, thinking they are doing a good job and taking the critics' work as Gospel.
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