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What this whole Jawn s/l has made me realize is that I am and continue to be a classic John Black fan, not a Drake Hogestyn fan. I do not like the robo-John character because he is exactly opposite of my fav John Black. I liked john Black the hero that no matterwhat had a soulmate connection to Doc. I became hooked on Days and J&M during West vrginia in 86 and fell head over heals during the 93 affair. John Black's strength and commitment to his friends, family and yes getting his past back is why I have remained a fan for 22 years.

Bringing Drake back to play a completely different person who looks like John Black has not worked for me. It worked in the beginning but his character is simply a robot who tells people off and is occassional funny. This is really lazy writing because his charcater has no depth whatsoever and nothing to either root for or feel anyting about. If Jawn doesn't care about anyone else, why should I care about him.

I think this would be similar to Thaoo fans and how they felt when their favorite character of Tony was made more and more of a villan which was so far opposite the original Tony.
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