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In regards to Days, it held tough for all of April and May when nothing happened. Dena and co just took too long to get things going or at least to provide something exciting so they are paying for it now. The golf preemptions to June started it and it's almost like it gave those who still were patient a reason to tune out. Now, it looks like August will bring us that but who knows how much damage is done.

What's important to point out is all these numbers are scary. Days' drop is scary but it's still only in 6th in 18-49. Yes, it's a new low and yes it may hit a new low in HH but Days is only part of the big picture. Days always seems to go down first and others soon follow (just look at last year...Days fell and others joined it). All but two of the soaps are close to falling into the 1.0's if not there already.

I don't think anything can make a difference. Just like I've been saying all year, not even a good HW can reverse this trend. I think we're past that. I think we passed that point a few years ago, actually. I think now soaps just need to hold on to the audience they have and hope for the best. I think that is all that can be done now, sadly.
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