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^I'm glad you do things the way you do, Nelson. It's what all soap journalists, hell what all those in the field of journalism, should do.

You don't have to tell me about how often TPTB change things just because something leaks out or ends up being speculated upon. I hear about that crap all the time as get info from time to time. I still remember JER changing months worth of story in Fall 2005 just because it leaked out that Passions was exposing Gwen and Rebecca's secrets. I would hate to see AMC postpone that tornado event. The show could use a big jolt to get it going. You would think that they wouldn't as you are adding to the hype over it. Any publicity is good publicity is what I thought was always the belief.

I'm not surprised most execs don't do what the fans or press want. They rely on focus groups or merely claim they know best. I find it funny how alot of critics still accept it and praise whatever is put out there, even if they were complaining weeks before about wanting something and never got it. I'm sure some members of the press are bought to praise things though so no surprise. Hell, Corday boycotted the mags in the late 90's and refused to give out spoilers because he didn't want them to give the show bad press.

Thanks for all you do, Nelson. I look forward to reading your columns each week.
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