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I think this is the classic "change the soap and you will love it" phenomenon. It happens all the time, fans of GH are bashing their soap all the time and think the HW is totall hack, yet when I saw some Shelle fans tuning in for KS/JC reunion they loved it. Longterm fans are angry because S/K doesnīt have storyline and Tony/Anna arenīt on at all and John/Marlena are split, but new fans doesnīt know why those characters should be important. They tune in, see whatīs going on with no prejudicies, get involved in the frontburner stories no matter what characters it features and are happy.

Of course, the main problem is there are NO now viewers for soaps available and thatīs what the ratings are so terrible. As Phoenix said, itīs too late. Probably the last partially successful passing the torch switch did Langan when he created his bunch of teens who no matter how much hated they were at the time still managed to create some fan following. Corday really shoot himself in the foot when he got rid of Shelle, because along with them left those younger viewers he so valued. Stax arenīt badly written, but itīs too late for them to create any following. The viewers simply arenīt available. And the same with Phillip/Morgan or any new/fresh couple the show so desperately needs, yet it will shoot them even lower down. Thatīs the reason why DAYS will die no matter who is HW. The circle stopped and there is no chance to start it again.
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