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Days may not have created 'the supercouple' but its what they used for decades to get and keep viewers, then they decided it was too limiting so they started to blame the fans for demanding that their couples be kept together. Many of the actors, Drake and Peter especially were very vocal about wanting storylines beyond their given coupling, I don't blame them for that. However its how they handle the situation that makes all the difference and Drake has not handled it well on a couple of occassions and that bothers me.

I so get why he loves Jawn especially given the writing for John during the past 2 or 3 years. However, like it or not, Days is about the supercouple, at least the established ones. Yes there is some cheering that J&M are on the outs but how would they like it if it were Bope or S&K and the shoe was on the other foot. I know many would be outraged if Hope had to play the Marlena role while Bo got the hot new chick, or the old one if the rumors of Carly coming back are true. Similarly the S&K fans were all up in arms over the Ava storyline.

Back to Drake. No his life and John/Jawn's storylines do not have to revolve around Deidre Hall and Marlena but he should not bite the hand that fed him for years and that hand is the J&M fanbase.
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