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Jul 25 2008, 12:37 AM
There you go. I do agree that aspects of Days are character-based, like the dock wars stuff and the Bo/Philip stuff. I also think the John/Ava thing is. Nicole/EJ is as well IMO and I may hate Stax with a passion but the whole Trent/Max thing is too. The rest has more plot-driven aspects then anything else. Plus, the autism story is a wreck. All the potential of this got tossed out the window in the first week. It gives us nice scenes but that's it. I do like how things have been mixed up for the Nicole/EJ/Sami/Lucas/Chloe/Philip/Morgan contingent.

I haven't taken stock in any soap magazine critics in years, especially when most of them caved to the networks and began hyping and justifying all the shit that was put onscreen. I may be liking alot of Days right now and may be thinking it's improving but I do think the show has major issues that need to be resolved still and I do think critiques (assuming no one was paid off to write this or something) like this only make things worse because then TPTB think they are doing a good job with certain things and fail to see the issues at hand. There was even an article in SOW a few weeks ago, praising the Chan story and the focus on age appropriateness and how Melvin and Christian work well together with a nice chemistry. We also know that Stax and their love story has been praised by critics. This is why the "hacks" in daytime today get away with things for so long...because the so called soap media behave like we have seen in recent years and TPTB buy into it, thinking they are doing a good job and taking the critics' work as Gospel.
ITA! You know, I can ignore all the fans that praise stories that the majority of viewers hate, but when supposed professionals who dedicate their life to soaps can't see the problems that plague the soap (or IMO are restricted from saying) then we've got a major malfunction.

At least in this case she only talked of Jawn, sexing it up and autism w/o praising Stax and Chan which are the worst of everything on the show now. The article in SOW praising Chan was actually as badly written as the other. It's like the person writing it isn't even watching (the writer mentions how Chelsea brings out Dan's playful side, WTF? And also mentions how much time has been spent on the age difference? Well sure if yo only watch the last two weeks).

And just like that...the above makes me roll my eyes. The sex stuff isn't necessarily a bad idea but when you have too many couples doing it and at the same time no less, it makes you go WTH is going on? I don't like Chloe but even I have to think something is wrong here when they have her sleeping with two guys practically back to back as well as recently being married to a third.

And as for the autism story...what autism story? They have barely been on and we've mainly gotten them talking about finances (which they should have) and Theo not getting along with Ciara.

So my guess is SOD and SOW must come out and talk about the show positively to keep their access to spoilers coming in. They simply read the recaps that are supplied by the show itself for their information because watching the show is just too damn painful.

Oh and I would recommend anyone who wants to complain to SOD/SOW to email them. I did last year and got published twice. This year I haven't yet but I've been doing it. I am sure certain fans of one God awful fanbase is spamming them with emails just like they are spamming the boards and blogs.

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