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Jul 25 2008, 10:42 AM
Jul 25 2008, 01:26 AM
^Actually, the ratings just posted were for the week after the sex scenes. Days technically went up (and I say technically because the week before that they didn't count the ratings because of Wimbledon but they did actually go up as they had a 1.7 the week that wasn't counted and jumped to a 1.9 the week after) so I don't think the sex scenes make much difference. It's never just one thing (and it's definitely not just about one couple or the other) that makes ratings increase or decrease. Hell, all the soaps are falling. It's a bunch of issues, many of which went ignored for years and shows have paid for that mistake dearly in recent years.
I know which ratings are which. I am saying the continued loss of viewership is related to that week. It was the type of stuff which could lead viewers to tune out permanently. I think the lower ratings last week are a reflection of the type of character destruction fans don't want to endure.

It wasn't just dumbing down EJ but also making Chloe into a slut. They make everyone so unlikable and stupid it is just irritating to fans to bother to care anymore. Nicole looked as trampy as ever continuing to let EJ bang her even after he called out Samantha's name.

So long as Days writers sacrifice characters for these events they hope will boost ratings, the show will continue to lose viewers. If "critical" praise is more important than the fans, ratings and revenue then so be it but I hope they are all brushing up their resumes if they continue along the path they are on.
I still don't think you can make the case that it's only because of that one factor Days is losing ratings.

No one event, couple, or character can impact the ratings that much. Hell, if you look at the dailies for the sex scenes, they were some of the better daily numbers I believe. The numbers have been going down for over a month now and the scattered Gold preemptions helped that along too. All soaps are going down right now. There are just bigger issues then couples having sex in elevators to worry about. That is probably not even close to scratching the surface as to why the ratings are continuing to tumble. More or less, the show still isn't exciting enough either. We finally got spoilers for August that finally seem to be exciting but the damage may have already been done.
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