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Jul 25 2008, 09:17 AM
Jul 25 2008, 08:58 AM
^o) YA DOOL is so good,I mean the ratings show how wonderful it really is :huh:,give me a break,no wonder I don't read the sh** no more.

Good ratings don't necessarily reflect that the show is good IMO.
I've loved a lot of critically acclaimed, well written shows that have been canceled due to poor ratings.

Just a few off the top of my head:
Primetime: Homefront, My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Picket Fences, Cane, Bostonm Public
Daytime: Santa Barbara, Another World.

Most of those shows you mention weren't able to develop a following in time and were cancelled early on. Had they been nutured or able to quickly tap into their market, they might have survived.

Another World was a victim of NBC wanted to dump a soap and having recently started Passions and not wanting to already dump that. It's quite possible today that if Passions had never happened, Another World might still be on the air. I disagree that Santa Barbara was good when it was cancelled. I had lost interest in the show the last couple of years it was on. It was boring and hadn't been able to recover from the loss of Marci Walker.

Soap ratings are very much a reflection of the overall quality of the show at the time. The problem is once a soap goes off track, it is very hard to get the viewers back without pulling off something big or buzzworthy.

Days had just started to bring up ratings and get the stories going in new more interesting directions when JER was fired in 2006. Instead of finding someone who was right fit for the show or someone who could transition it from one type of show to another, Corday went out and hired the anti-JER in Hogan Sheffer and expected a miracle.

Now he's turned the show over to a proven failure in Dena Higley. She sucked in her first headwriting stint on Days, was vehemently hated at OLTL and even called out by Erika Slezak in the press.

So it very much matters who is writing the show and their talent/ability and how they fit into the structure of the show. Days is the romance and love soap but I see no romance or love. I see cheap hookups, everyone getting interrupted in the sack, food fights and the characters walking around like idiots. Where is the story to follow?? Who is rootable/likable?? Everyone seems shallow and self-destructive.

It might be good to tune in every once and awhile or easy for new viewers to follow because there is no real story involved or story movement but it sucks for longtime loyal viewers and that's why they are tuning out.

I think there is an audience out there that all soaps could tap into but they demand quality and intelligent writing and soaps aren't willing to give them that. They want to keep writing the show towards the lowest common denominator and keep losing viewers in the process.

Until soaps want to be successful, they will continue to lose audience.
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