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Steve, great post overall. I agree with you 100% about the dialogue. I don't think it affects the ratings whatsoever. And I agree about spending money on wardrobe and sets - the stories should come first. Some of my favorite storylines have taken place on the 'regular' sets.

I personally have never encountered a fan who wants his/her favorites on every day and disregards the rest of the show. But I do think the fans of specific characters and couples will be drawn in to the other stories when good writing and storytelling takes place, as you're saying. I know people here have posted about fans automatically fast forwarding certain stories, but I disagree with that. I think fans do give all storylines a chance, even storylines involving characters who are not their favorites. But, if these storylines are poorly written or poorly acted (or both), these fans will tune out.

Bottom line, the writing must improve. I'm not sure if cutting the size of the writing staff is the answer, but I do know one member of the writing staff who should be cut immediately.
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