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Well, as someone who really saw a potential in Phorgan Iīm really sad because the last few weeks could be much better. I fully understand why itīs hard to write romantic stuff for already established couples like S/K or B/H, but you will not create a new succesfull pairing by repeating the same scene for n-th times. They could easily let Phillip invite Morgan to stay with him for a night (in a separate bedroom of course), he could came to wish her good night, he could ask her for a picnic to put her thoughts on something else and make her laugh. Just something, anything what would really set the scenes apart and it was more than just a plot rehash.

I really think this is the main problem the show has for the last few weeks. I like the stories, I actually think they are much better and original than what Sheffer did last year and the pace is good too, but they really need to make the stuff between much more interesting. All this week was like a neverending recap so we know why Bo is angry, what was on the tape Kate destroyed, what Phillip and John possibly did and why Morgan is upset. This is all important, but on DAYS the plot was always just a background for the romance. And the romance is absolutely missing. Itīs sad when the most sexual tension I felt this week between characters had Dan and Kate and Iīm not even sure they are written that way.

As for the today show, they did a huge mistake when Morgan suddenly appeared almost at the end. This was a huge scene and they should build it up much more, show her anger at John rise up first till she finally decides to confront him. The fans should root for her when she finally goes there, not ask WTF is that witch doing when she suddenly stormed in? Thatīs what I felt today and Iīm fan of the character.

Anyway, itīs really a mystery for me because Dena was there. She was there as the associate HW during the highest moments of J/Jīs magic, she was there when John/Marlena reunited in 1993, she was there during COD, during most of DAYS popular coupling. I donīt understand how she can miss the point so badly. Itīs really not a matter of budget or number of sets, they had the Kiriakis mansion set this week, they had Morgan and Phillip together there, yet instead to use it and turn it into something interesting it was the same boring recap weīve aleady seen at the cop shop, at the post office, at the pub and in the hospital. Really disappointing.
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