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I just watched today's show. I actually.. uh... kind of liked it! Marlena was written so well today. Loved how she stood up to both John and Ava - and Deidre played it perfectly. I also enjoyed both Marlena and Morgan calling John an unfeeling robot. It's about time! The whole focus of today's John/Marlena/Ava scenes was basically that the real John is in there somewhere, the real John would hate who he's become, and the real John is married to Marlena. Works for me!

Steve/Ava/Kayla - I thought that was done well, though I expected Steve to have more of a negative reaction when Ava asked him for help. Liked the "Oh sh*t" look on Steve's face when Kayla came in the door with Ava there.

Bo/Caroline/Kayla - this bothered me a little. As I think I posted yesterday, I wish the writing were a *little* more subtle than showing every single relative of Bo's being all of a sudden worried about him. Instead, Dena crams Bo's distress into a short time period, and the results imo look pretty silly. I'm finding this whole Philip/Paul story to be very boring. The good thing though that with Dena writing, it'll be over in a week.

The last scene with Morgan - I actually don't think Kristen Renton played it that well. I'm not a fan of "yelling only" scenes. If someone's father were missing, I think there would be more emotions involved than just screaming. But I did like the direction at the end when the shot was fired - I thought that was done very well.

Also, regarding the direction, why do they keep putting EJ next to people much shorter than he is? At one point at the beginning, the camera even cut off half of his face while he was talking to Ava. And every time he stood next to John, it made John look really short. They need to have EJ sitting down or work on other ways to adjust the camera angles.

And last - did anyone catch the NBC commercial for "check out the Days family tree on nbc.com!" next to the picture of Max and Stephanie?
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