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Jul 25 2008, 04:57 PM
Jul 25 2008, 04:46 PM
^We're not, Ellie. They hinted at it in the Summer of Romance promos. They mentioned "A Lasting Love Being Renewed" when Bope appeared in the promo.

I think everyone assumed all the hints about Bo planning a surprise with Caroline and all was related to something like this but clearly Days still wanted to make it a nice surprise. Whatever the case, it's clear alot of work went into this and it looks great.
I had forgotten that it was mentioned in the summer of romance promo, but that's kind of my point. Did anyone think that "a lasting love being renewed" meant a huge Bope wedding? I didn't!

And yes, I've noticed the hints on the show, but that's part of the problem as well - they're hints. If Days wants to make this a surprise, as you're saying, I think that is an extremely poor decision on their part. Something like this can absolutely boost the ratings if done well, and part of doing it well would be strong, longterm promotion.
Actually, most knew what it was the minute they saw it hinted at in the promo. I even know of people who didn't see the promo and knew what the surprise us just from the hints the show gave us. Fans aren't stupid.

I also think they are smart promoting this a week in advance. That gives it a whole week to be hyped up. Next week we will likely have a joint promo of the Bope stuff and Stefano's return and I bet maybe a SOD cover.

You can't spoil everything and I think Days handled this well enough to surprise a few people but to also hint around enough to make people figure out what is coming. Whatever the case, this should please longtime fans and hopefully the buzz helps Days since that week is huge with Stefano's return and this Bope stuff.
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