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Preview for the Week of
July 28, 2008

Philip lies unconscious after taking a bullet for Morgan. He is rushed to the hospital, where we learn he has ruptured a major artery and needs a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he has a very rare blood type. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope interview Morgan, who doesn't believe the police are doing enough to find her father. She believes John killed him. At the hospital, Morgan tells unconscious Philip that she loves him. Ava learns she is not going to be extradited. Her judge will be Fitzpatrick, whom John has in his pocket. Ava and John have sex! Max and Stephanie are in Marseille. They run into a woman named Daphne, who Max had a fling with years earlier. She makes a few calls and gets some information about Melanie. Kate tells Victor that Philip was shot and Victor flatlines!

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