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I don't know that I pay attention to dialogue but I do pay attention to scenes and how one show should be related or lead up to another show. Days has just being throwing random scenes out there for no apparent reason. An example would be that random scene a few weeks ago where Marlena is a bar having a drink and Victor walks up to her and say, "Hey Marlena do you want to talk?" and Marlena says,"No, not right now." and the show ends. What was the point of that scene. It did not match the beginning of the show and nothing relevant to that followed.

The same thing happens next week when Marlena has a run in with Trent at Java Cafe. She then has nothing else to do with him because she goes into her Stefano s/l the following week. This makes no sense to viewers and leaves you feeling like you missed something! It just seems like they have nothing to do with Marlena but want to throw her out there so they have her in scenes with Roman discussing their grown children on two different days or have her go to the bar and turn down a drink from Victor! WTF!
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