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Jul 25 2008, 12:08 PM
Jul 25 2008, 08:16 AM
Days may not have created 'the supercouple' but its what they used for decades to get and keep viewers, then they decided it was too limiting so they started to blame the fans for demanding that their couples be kept together. Many of the actors, Drake and Peter especially were very vocal about wanting storylines beyond their given coupling, I don't blame them for that. However its how they handle the situation that makes all the difference and Drake has not handled it well on a couple of occassions and that bothers me.

I so get why he loves Jawn especially given the writing for John during the past 2 or 3 years. However, like it or not, Days is about the supercouple, at least the established ones. Yes there is some cheering that J&M are on the outs but how would they like it if it were Bope or S&K and the shoe was on the other foot. I know many would be outraged if Hope had to play the Marlena role while Bo got the hot new chick, or the old one if the rumors of Carly coming back are true. Similarly the S&K fans were all up in arms over the Ava storyline.

Back to Drake. No his life and John/Jawn's storylines do not have to revolve around Deidre Hall and Marlena but he should not bite the hand that fed him for years and that hand is the J&M fanbase.
I don't care what couple it is. Let me just say I love all the couples but that doesn't mean I'm against any of them splitting up or ending up with someone else. Hell, I loved Bo and Carly ALOT. It would be realistic if at least one or two of these couples didn't end up together. Yes, soaps are about escapism but part of that escapism stems from realism and the fan getting immersed in the lives of the characters. The more realistic IMO, the more immersed you become. I just think it's too limiting to a show to have most of the characters the audience wants to see tied down to one particular result. Days created this but it seems since the advent of message boards that the supercouple thing has exploded. I don't recall ever seeing some of the extreme, irrational behavior (again, not everyone in a fanbase is like this but those that are give them a bad reputation) that is exhibited now in the 90's.

It seems like around 2000 things started reaching a whole new level and Days is now in a situation where it's damned if it does and damned if it don't. JER's reign contributed to it. It created several divided groups and that is why you can never please more then half of Days fans. You have fans that want campy, over the top and some, that to a lesser extent, want the Gothic type stuff JER gave fans in the 90's. Then you have fans who want character-driven stuff like Hogan provided and some that want plot-driven. Then you have some that just want romance and couples having romance and romantic adventures and some that only watch for one couple or character. Then you have general fans that tune in when the show is just entertaining and fans that watch Days no matter what. That is where Days is at and that is why I sympathize with whoever writes the show and I even sympathize with Corday (shudder) in a way because it's an impossible situation. It will always appear like most of the audience hates what your doing because Days has far too many viewing factions. I'm not saying Days should steer away from it's identity but I am saying Days can't survive off the supercouples because I think they milked it too much. They should've broke from the concept years ago and stopped settling for the same end result all the time. Seriously, any show that has to have their EP repeatedly reiterate in previews who the rooting couples are and who the endgame are just so that people don't tune out is in alot of trouble. The guy is spoiling story doing that. How can you invest in something if you always know who will end up together and what the end result will be?. Days needs to just tell good stories and set a new precedent. If Bope or J&M or whoever ends up together in the end, so be it but don't spoil it and don't always settle for what is familiar. Days needs to take a risk. Maybe it will lose some fans but it also may have a chance at getting some new ones interested (just like when Days killed John and got many people's attention). Believe me, there are alot of fans out there that stay away from Days for many of the reasons I mentioned.
Beautiful summary...................

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