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Jul 25 2008, 12:49 PM

If SOD Editors think this is great they don't have a clue because traditional days fans (which I count as one as I have watched since 1986) don't like this BS! That is why we have tuned out because Days has not listened to word we have said to them since our initial displeasure with the s/l's since May.
How in the world can you speak for "traditional" Days fans? I started watching in 1975 or so. The times you consider "traditional" are the years I QUIT watching. If you really want traditional, then Doug and Julie should still be the top couple on the show.
OK, I'm stopping before I get in trouble....but it's phraseology (like Mayor Shinn would say) such as "THE fans" or even "THE traditional fans", lumping everyone in one big pot, that really get my goat. It's as bad as using ratings as the be-all and end-all measurement.
In other words, the fans who aren't the so-called "traditional" fans merit no consideration?
OK, I promised I'd stop................. :soapbox:
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