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This week has been pretty boring, but i felt todays show was great..It started off a little slow in the beginning, but really picked up steam at the end...I really enjoyed Marlena telling Ava that the real John is in there somewhere and to enjoy her time with Jawn for now, because its going to be shortlived...Also i'm loving seeing so much of Caroline lately, she really will really be near the top of the episode counts this month..and its nice seeing her be a mother to Bo and Kayla...Nice to see the mention of Bo's surprise for Hope again as i'm really looking forward to that..

The Phillip and Kate scenes were also pretty intense, especially when the letter showed up..Love having Kate involved in this story..And it may not be the best story every, but its featuring some great characters and finally giving characters like Kate and Bo something substantial to do..I also really liked the end with Morgan confronting John..I loved Morgan yelling at John and the shooting at the end was exciting...Its been a while since we've had a friday cliffhanger that has me wanting it to be monday..
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