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Today was definitely the best episode of the week. It was good to see Marlena displaying some strength and real emotion, and I enjoyed her talks with John and with Ava. Too bad she hasn't been written like this all along.

The Bradys aren't giving Bo a break, and he looks a little overwhelmed right now. While he has backed himself into a corner, it's annoying how the family is on his case all the time. I wish he would confide in Hope, though, because he should know from past experience that secrets never stay secret and she will find out in the worst way possible.

I agree there should have been more buildup to Morgan showing up at the mansion. I haven't enjoyed Morgan in this storyline so far, and I was a big fan of hers last fall and winter. It seems she just keeps repeating the same lines over and over, only at varying decibels. I also noticed the accent keeps coming and going; it must be hard to sustain it while screaming. I still believe she and Philip have potential, but this Paul Hollingsworth story is so boring to me. I'm anxious for it to end, and then maybe Philip and Morgan can discuss something else for a change. The cliffhanger at the end was good and made me look forward to Monday's episode.
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