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Today was the best show of the week by a mile.

This was the best writing I've seen for Marlena in months. Loved her scenes with Ava and the theme today of laying it on thick that the real John is still in there somewhere. My favorite scene, though, was Marlena/Rolf. I loved her strength in that scene and I love that they pulled out that emotional background music. We haven't heard that in awhile. I also like seeing EJ working with John and seeing Judge Fitzpatrick back and involved. Cool scenes.

The buildup to the end was great. I loved the Kate/Philip scenes and Henderson popping in and the whole suspense over the letter. I don't mind the lack of Morgan until the end because I think it was supposed to come off as a surprise and they built up enough to it as it is with her yelling at John in public and being so upset and desperate of late. I liked the suddenness of it all. Renton was very good and I liked seeing Eddie again. John could use some bodyguards LOL. Good ending and finally not just a cliffhanger but a dramatic one. Days did a good job making you wonder who got hit by having EJ fall to the ground too. Nicely done.

It's been so nice seeing so much of Caroline and so nice seeing Steve and Kayla back in action too. Love Caroline being in mother gear and the Kayla/Bo scenes too. The buildup to the surprise is fun. I can't wait. I also loved the Ava/John scenes and the Steve/Ava scenes. I like that the Ava/Steve/Kayla stuff didn't just get focus for one day but that it is still being addressed. Loved the tension once Kayla returned and Steve's reluctance to help Ava. Nice Steve/Bo friendship scenes too. Hope to see more.

All in all, a solid Friday show after what was a subpar week more or less.
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