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Jul 25 2008, 07:49 PM
Jul 25 2008, 12:22 PM
Jul 25 2008, 10:25 AM
Various people at SOD do this everytime there is a new writer or producer. They loved Reilly and then as fast as you can blink, they didn't. Same with Hogan and so many others. One minute they are tripping over themselves to tell us how good the show is and then the next week, they are outraged at how bad it is. Which is it?

SOD loves Days because their magazines with Days on the cover sells, hence the number of covers Days gets which is odd considering the ratings. Therefore, you can bet that the editors are going to kiss everything that Corday has to keep on his good side.
I disagree. They never loved Hogan. Never. Days barely got rewarded under Hogan, even when he penned superb stuff. The first 3 months of Hogan's reign he got a few accolades but that was it. The next time Days got any credit under him was John's death and Belle admitting the truth about her affair to Shawn.

SOD seems to award plot-driven stuff more then character-driven and that is a big issue I have with them. Look no further then it's praise of OLTL. Sure, it rewarded some of the bigger things like Nash's death and Rex and Adriana's wedding but no credit is being given for anything else. I'm noty saying they deserve an editor's choice every week but it seems like they are almost being forced to praise it rather then wanting too whereas they freely praise shows like GH, ATWT, etc which are in some trouble right now and are definitely not up to quality standards.

I think SOD knows they will get Days covers regardless because Corday views it as good promotion. Sure, it's possible he is bribing them or forcing them to praise Days but SOD has been praising Higley's work since January (even when it wasn't clear she was writing). They made it known in Corday's interview in April, which formally introduced Higley, that they enjoyed her work in the first four months of the year so I do think they genuinely are enjoying her writing. Then again, they also liked the majority of Langan's writing so we shouldn't be surprised at the way they do things :laugh: .
I thought they did praise Hogan especially in the beginning. Maybe i'm wrong but that is not my point. Days sells magazines so does GH and ATWT, why who knows, maybe its because those shows focus on a few characters and make them the stars of the show and market the hell out of them. That is just my point, these guys are in the business of selling mags so they play nice nice with the shows that make them money.

The mere fact that every six months since the decision was made to bring the dead back and stick them on Melaswen the mags with a straight face would have a headline to the effect 'PLAN TO SAVE DAYS' and let Corday go on and on about how the fans would love it without once, saying, 'Ken, you said that 6 months ago and people are still unhappy so you are full of shit shows where their focus is. These mags aren't meant to be critiques or objective, they are the opinions of a few and everything else is to sell, sell, sell. I don't blame them for that but I think their words and opinions are taken to have more weight than they actually do. Why should any of their opinions mean an iota more than mine? They don't and I don't agree with them most of the time. They are biased as Bill O'Reilly.
Actually, for once I will stick up for the mags. Stephanie Sloane has called Corday out numerous times on how he said something and it never happened. I still recall her calling him out last summer on how he lied about Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena seeing more airtime. She called him out and he admitted she got him. He lied. Sloane does a decent job. It's the ones who write the critical pieces like Leahey, Hinsey, etc that are the problems IMO.

The "PLAN TO SAVE DAYS" headlines have been a tradition well before Melaswen and JER's run. We began seeing them at the end of Langan's run after we had 3 months of nonstop teens. That was the first time and since then we've gotten one at least once a year.
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