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Jul 26 2008, 02:24 AM
Jul 26 2008, 02:12 AM
I still don't see how this is random or out of the blue. It is supposed to be a surprise although it's a poor one considering the summer promos hinted at it and most that watch the show each day seem to have figured out from all the hints what Bo's surprise is.
A "surprise" is a really nice way of putting it, LoL.

Nothing like this should be a surprise to viewers. It should be something that's built towards. We should've seen Bo and Hope planning this as a surprise for their family -- at least then we could've had some fun scenes to build towards it.

I'm not saying that I'm unhappy about it by any means, because I'm not. The promo looks fun. I think it would have viewers more excited though if we had something to build towards this, to build anticipation. I mean, we have all these random stories going on all over the place, and in the middle of it all we have this random out of the blue wedding? It seems out of place and purposeless in context with any current stories on the canvas.

Then again, I'm only reading the spoilers and not watching the show, so I could be way off base.
Kenny, Bo planned this on his own with Caroline and his family's help so it's not something Bo and Hope could've really planned together. They could've but I think the surprise on Bo's end is supposed to add to the romance of it. It's a romantic gesture. I'm not surprised Bope are getting this because Higley seems to love them.

It started in June when he went to Caroline and asked her to help plan something special for Hope because he was working alot and could use the help. She agreed. Then, Bo and Hope went to dinner and he wanted to celebrate their love and talk to her about something special he was planning for her. Bo was going to mention the surprise but opted not too because he saw Chelsea and Daniel and got upset and so on. He mentioned everything they've been through in recent months and how you only live once and all (which really seems to be the point where many fans figured out he was planning a vow renewal as a surprise and, of course, the summer of romance promo basically told us that as well). I think it all fits and it seems like this will tie in with the Philip/Bo stuff because his recent actions will be exposed around the same time so it's not random as it looks like it will tie in with a major story currently going on.

I even think this would've worked for Steve and Kayla, maybe moreso as he was presumed dead and all and with all the things they've been through too of late, it would work for them as well. I think it all fits together nicely. Yes, there are some things on the show that come out of the blue but I don't see this as one of them. It's been built up, just not in a blatant way because of the surprise angle. The way they are handling it seems to work in the context of everything. The spoilers really haven't told the whole story regarding this as the show has been dropping hints in the episodes and not so much in spoilers (outside of the summer of romance promo) but I don't think you are being off-base, really. I just think if you look at it in the context of what Bo and Hope have been through and what their family has been through, it fits and it works.
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