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Again it comes down to how ratings are calculated. Society is very different today than it was 20 years ago (even 10 years ago). How many of us are home all day to watch soaps? I am an elementary teacher with my summers off and I am still not home all day to watch soaps. I wouldn't be the soap watcher I am now if it wasn't for my DVR box. I can keep up with three soaps because my DVR records them for me or I can catch them on Soapnet. Even in the summer when I am home from work, I still watch the soaps after they have been taped on the DVR. But they only count DVR viewings of soaps if you watch them within a day of recording them as well as have a Nielsen Box. I don't have a Nielsen Box and I don't always watch them the next day. Sometimes I have a soap marathon on the weekend with having a busy schedule. Ratings for both daytime and primetime would be different if they took into account those people who simply tape a show on a DVR/TIVO device.
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