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I'm having a hard time remembering what happened this week. Specifics anyway. Other than Morgan yelling at John and Ava's goon shooting, which was the last scene of the week, I can't remember a whole lot of anything specific. I suppose that means for me at least this was a filler week. I agree with the rest of you KR performance wasn't all that. I liked her as the cheeky college co-ed so much better than this. I'm not feeling any chemistry with KR and JKJ. Perhaps it will grow. John and Ava while I love TB and think there is a place on this show for her I think letting her go with the door open was a good one she could come back and make a splash upon her return. I'll miss the Nicole and Ava scenes. Plus I think they were just hitting the stride with the John with Ava, EJ with Ava and Marlena with Ava relationships. I guess I did like the last scene with Rolfe and Marlena. There were way too many Max and Stephanie train scenes - major yawn... Steve and Kayla scene while I thought it was well acted - it kind of bored me and I barely remember it at all. Steve and Bo I have seen so many of their scenes over the years seemed so so to me. No big deal.
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