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So far I like her (as far as I can by a picture). If they really make her come off as she appears, then I say she should be a good mix given how they have declawed Chelsea, Sami and even Nicole is getting that way. Ava/TB is leaving so we need someone in town to shake things up.

Of course, because I'm a huge Nick fan, I'm dying to see her interact with him which she must...there really isn't anyone else left for her to hook up with and though I hate Dena for ruining Chick, I do admit their story was rushed and badly told so if she created a new bad girl/geeky guy, but this time with a real bad girl, not the pseudo kind that Chelsea was...it could be really interesting.

But so far she's dropped the ball with trying to reintroduce Nick back into the show while Stax is gone. I felt that was necessary he has been offscreen so much. Many fans need to get to know him again so they can care about a brand new character relationship, otherwise it feels like two brand new characters.

I also worry that introducing Melanie through stax is going to give her a big strike, so many people hate them at this point or just don't care. My hope is (though she should not be daughter of Nicole) that they give Melanie some scenes with Trent and especially Nicole (who must know her if she was married to Trent) so that people can see her outside of Stax.
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