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Jul 26 2008, 10:28 AM

I would love to see Nick in some type of relationship like that. The biggest problem with Chick for me is that Nick was in insta-love with Chelsea before she ever showed a vulnerable side. I never quite understood why he "loved" her right away. The show could have done a few things to show us but it was never done. Kind of like how the audience saw Kayla seeing a different side of Steve in small moments that the rest of Salem never saw - none of the Salemites understood why she would believe in him but the audience totally did and was rooting for her.

And by actually showing the story like that, we could see a different side of Nick, also.

Does this new actress have any prior experience?

I want to get behind and become invested in a younger couple - but none have drawn me in. Maybe if they write Morgan a little more smart and stronger, I could see something interesting with Philip.
I was able to fanwank the insta love NIck had for Chelsea because he was a) young b) inexperienced and c) sheltered to bookworm types never seeing a girl like Chelsea before. He also got to know her vulnerable side in that LS story which actually made sense on some levels, but the show always shows that kind of thing offscreen.

So this time I'd love for them to take things slower and if I didn't know any better, the few spoilers we have should mean that Nick knows exactly what kind of a girl Melanie is as he rushes to Europe maybe to warn Max and help out. If he's turned off by Melanie and telling truths about her, that should piss her off and I could get a bad girl/geeky guy with a love/hate twist. Hee, when it comes to love/hate, I'm always drawn to them (I don't know why, would hate finding out that a guy I loathe is my one true love or something). I guess because it really takes time to do an evolution so the initial falling in love story should take longer.

As for her experience, she's been in a Life episode but I think she was playing a corpse so that doesn't count. Blake had little screen experience but tons of theater so maybe we will get that with her...I hope she can act. And of course there should be chemistry with her and Blake. I am hoping since we know they were searching for her for so long they did this right and screen tested.

And I know what you mean in getting invested in a young couple. I started that with Phorgan but they ruined that already.
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