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Jul 26 2008, 12:14 PM
The show could use a young vixen. They had one in Cassie a few years ago and dropped the ball on that. Then they had Chelsea but they redeemed her pretty fast. For awhile, they had Shelley play Stephanie as kind of a bad girl type but that didn't work. Melanie could work well as that sort of character and it would be fitting if she ends up being Nicole's daughter. That dynamic could be fun to see.

Chick was cute and I liked them but the problem with that was they seemed to make it more about redeeming Chelsea through Nick at the beginning then anything else. Plus, they rushed their making love (and we never even saw it) and they never really had a solid story together. If they end up reuniting, that's fine because I do enjoy them but I see potential for both characters outside of the Chick pairing.
I'd like to see some sort of a triangle. Chick vs. Max's sister -- yeah, that's it.

So what if Blake and Rachel don't like working with each other (just speculation, I don't know this for fact). It's a soap. Ya got jobs. Live with it. :)
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