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Blake in real life is just about to turn 24 which probably is what Nick's age is supposed to be. I hope they don't make her 18 (or god forbid younger than that). She is 20 in RL so I'm hoping she is at least. I'm sick of Nick being a starter boyfriend for young girls on this show.

That siad, even if she is younger, the point of her living in Europe and being in trouble all the time with at least knowing that creepy Trent is her father probably means she's lived more of a life than the other girls on the show. One thing taht always bugged me about bad girl Chelsea, was until she found out she was adopted, she was supposed to have a good life with the Bensons who loved her and raised her in love. The bad girl situation was more out of trying to recreate a new family with her new family and possibly having being catered to all her life (I'm sure they spoiled her) and Bo and Billie not falling in line. So Chelsea was less of a bad girl but more of a selfish brat which actually is a harder person to properly redeem.

If I was writing Melanie (and you guys should wish I was), I would have introduced her coming in and trying to set up Max as this long lost sister who needs a big brother to guide her. She would lie to him about how Trent has been a horrible father to her but in reality she is cahoots with Trent in trying to break Max and cause some revenge on his digging up his father's business. However as we see her play Max and talk to Trent secretly, we would see that she is in an abusive relationship with her father, she just doesn't realize it as he clearly is willing to use his daughter to meet whatever needs he has. Since Days loves their "girls who want their daddy's love more than anything" themes, Melanie's motivation to make her father happy would be what drives her to act out like this. I wouldn't let Nicole be her mother but I would let them know each other and become friends again (much to Trent's dismay but he lets it go). With Ava leaving, Nicole will need another friend and it would help show the softer side of Melanie which then could be brought out more as she interacts with Nick. I wrote this all up in my blog sometime ago before we found out Nicole's real secret which is a shame as I liked my idea better.

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