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Steve Frame
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Well I don't care about the ratings but for one thing - the ad dollars. As Nelson reported recently the ad dollars are down for all the shows but Y&R. Days has lost a lot of ad revenue. As long as it is down the networks are just going to use the shows and they are not going to improve. They spend the money they have the wrong way - they waste too much money on wardrobe, the wrong actors, too big of a writing and directing staff - and things they could and should spend it on they don't.

As long as the money is down the shows are not going to improve - they can't with the way they want to run things. And as long as that keeps going on ratings or quality are not going to change. I care about quality and not in how good the show looks but how the stories are executed and stuff like that.

for instance a struggling show like Days spent all that money on stunt casting someone like Shirley Jones and it did nothing for them in the long run. That money could have been spent a lot more wisely.

As King said very few there care anymore. And with that I don't care about any of the 8 shows still on.

I am now 4 weeks since I have watched one second of any of the 8 shows. And I don't think I will ever go back. For the first time in my life ever I don't miss them. All 8 could be cancelled tomorrow and I would not mourn them at all. For me they were already gone. In fact for at least 3 of them it would be a relief that they were finally out of their misery - because right now they are suffering a long painful death.
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