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Jul 25 2008, 11:34 AM
I love Bope, but I could careless about them renewing their vows. This plot twist would have made sense when they reunited after the fiasco of Zach's death. Now this just seems like contrived fluff with no real meat or meaning behind it. I feel like higley writes sl ideas on slips of paper, sticks them in a large pickle jar and then pulls them out at random, and goes with them. This show is not flowing at all. Much of what is being presented is just confusing...no real direction and no clear end in sight where this is all going...I just sit and go WTF? Why is this happening.....These are not the characters I know.
I donīt want to defend Highley, but I really donīt understand what is confusing or contrived at this. Bo almost died this year, his pop died for real, his real dad is on the verge of death right now, his daughter almost died, his brother was just shot (it sounds really funny when you put it all together). The vow renewal is pretty much in character IMO. And itīs also something what builds for atleast a month now. Not, the show never openly say what Bo plans. But there was enough signs for fans to understand and I think there will be even more in the next two weeks. Itīs also not isolated event because Boīs part in the hiding of Paulīs tape will be revealed at the same time and who knows what else. This is obviously the main event before the Olympic so I think most of the stories will be culminating along that date.

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