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Jul 26 2008, 04:00 PM
Jul 26 2008, 03:44 PM
*clears throat* I looked up the word 'lace' in a verb tense and it can mean: to lash, beat, or thrash.

So, someone please tell that Daniel doesn't lay an abusive hand on Kate or I'll have to find some way to kick his ass with my mind powers.
Well, in my mind powers Im' already kicking his ass so we can just join forces! We can be known as TrippBabe! Or FenderTripp.

Something else occurred to me, but now that we know what Kate and Dan's big secret is...shouldn't Dan have been the one to remove himself from Kate's case when it was shown she had to have surgery? Also, was it really necessary for him to act INSULTED that Kate wanted another doctor? I mean, is it really that hard to understand her hesitations?
TeeHee! I like FenderTripp...Fripp and Tender would be nice too. Mind-Kicking Daniel's Ass For the Sake of The People...i like it.

Daniel acted insulted and oblivious to the fact that kate didn't want him to be her doctor. I can see her going up to him and telling him she was scared about the pain she was in, but he didn't have to be the one who took her case when she was clearly uncomfortable with it.
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