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Jul 26 2008, 06:39 PM
Not surprising. She was obviously unhappy, she was hated by anyone and I quess it was impossible to get any good dialog/associate writer why she occupied the job. On the other side, what HW will want to work for DAYS now? I quess Rick Draughon will be given the position temporarily, but after that? Who would even want write for DAYS after the Brash/Cwikley, Highley, Railly, Sheffer, Highley fiasco. The different writers already tried everything from total campy show to ultra realistic character driven storylines. Nothing helped.

Anyway, kudos to Dena for stepping down because it takes a lot of courage and with Corday´s support she could probably hold the position atleast for another year. I liked a lot of her ideas and stories on paper and in the spoilers, but for some reason it mostly ended flat on screen. We will see what happens now.
See, Jane, that's where I am with her writing. So many of her ideas sound great, but just end up blah, dragged out too long, or abandoned on screen. I was getting cautiously optimistic about EJole (trying to push it to the back of my mind). For me personally, the autism story was a great idea, but executed very poorly. I LOVE Jawn, but.....
It's to the point, though, where we have to wonder what will hurt the show more....assembly line rotation of writers, or Higley staying?
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