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Jul 26 2008, 06:39 PM
Who would even want write for DAYS after the Brash/Cwikley, Highley, Railly, Sheffer, Highley fiasco. The different writers already tried everything from total campy show to ultra realistic character driven storylines. Nothing helped.
Corday has been the problem for most of the people you've listed.

Though Dena Higley has proven over and over again how untalented she is as a writer. But who knows, maybe now that she's unemployed she'll actually start watching the potential shows she wants to work for, and will get a clue how to write for them if anyone else is stupid enough to hire her.

Looking at how well promoting from within has worked for One Life to Live, I'd almost suggest that, cept I dont trust anyone they have on staff to do a decent job at it. Victor Gialanella is Higley's right hand stooge, Rick Draughton's dialogue has always been unimpressive, most of the others were groomed under some of the show's darkest eras (Langan/Reilly). Is Beth Milstein still there, or was she one of the ones they fired to give this scab the job?

Hopefully they dont go for the recycling of daytime's washed up head writers routine. Harmon & Brown, Reilly, Latham, and McTavish are all currently unemployed ... be afraid.
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