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I don't know if Corday can really win her back. She's clearly been unhappy, almost since she GOT the job. She's been ridiculed, and hated. It's a tough job to have and I give her mega kudos for walking away. I feel bad for her, personally, that she's so disliked. I know it's more her writing than HER (it should be, because none of us know her personally) but still ... lol.

I wouldn't be mega upset with Jack Smith, but he always reminded me of a mix of Langan and Reilly. I honestly enjoyed a lot of Smith's time at Y&R and I think his style would actually kind of fit with DAYS. Griffith ... no. His ship has sailed. I don't want him at DAYS, which means he probably gets the job, if it really is between them.

It seems like Sony has REALLY taken an interest in DAYS the past year or so. It seemed like they almost never interfered but ever since Ed Scott came aboard ... thank God for Ed Scott, honestly.
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