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Is getting 1970s soap opera *too* much to ask? I know most soaps didn't regularly start saving episodes until the late 1970s, but I'll take it! Hell, I just wish P&G would throw some of those random vintage eps they've got in their faults up. I know we can't get a full run, but an ep here or there from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s here and there would definitely be better than nothing -- especially if they're from the nearly impossible to find 'Somerset', 'Lovers & Friends', or 'For Richer For Poorer'. Truthfully, someone needs to negotate with the production companies for a broadband TV network devoted to soaps (hell, if SoapNet wants to jettison all the classics off the cable network, they could turn that SoapNet2 idea that's been floating around into a internet tv network and put all their classic eps on there.) There are *so* many soaps that deserve to be re-run online (and can be rerun in their entirety) -- Capitol, Loving, Generations, The City, Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach. Can you imagine a internet site with full, pristine episodes (even if only random and scattered) of 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing', 'The Secret Storm', 'Love of Life' and 'Where the Heart Is'? The Bells and the Cordays also had the forsight to save all their eps. Both Y&R and Days could be re-run -- starting from the beginning in 1973 and 1965 respectively. There *is* an audience for that material. Certainly the staff needed for the encoding and uploading and site maintence would be fairly minimal and if they insert commercials like a lot of internet channels do right now, the project would pay for itself and might even be profitable. Hell, release "Best Of" collections for d/l on itunes! There are all of these soaps and episodes just lying around collecting dust when they could be used to bring in revenue online. I just wish they'd tap into that.
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