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Jul 28 2008, 11:23 AM
Interesting, but not nearly as shocking as I thought/was afraid of. First, this source is close to Highley so he is not objective. I´m sure Ed Scott is doing changes in the scripts, most of producer does. But part of the HW´s job is accept those changes and work them in, not throw hissyfit and refuse any rewrites which is what she apparently did.

This all IMO stems from the fact Dena seems very impulsive/nerve woman with a lot to deal with. She wants to be good HW but she doesn´t have the abilities/time/patience so she blames everybody else who tries to clean her mess. This source says Ed is asking some actors to write their story/scenes. Is it told in a negative way but honestly, that´s exactly what the actors praise Ed Scott for. They say he talks with them about the storyline and he allows them to change the lines to work better. Is that bad? Of course not. If Scott is the one responsible for the recent Ava/Kayla/Steve scenes he did the right thing.

Anyway, this really seems more like a scream of angry, unappreciated woman who thinks everybody is against her than an objective report. We will see what happens next.
I agree. We're told that this is a "super reliable" source but the person is framing the situation in a way that paints Scott in the worst possible light.
This makes it sound like a sinister cabal of Ed/cast members have hijacked the show from poor Dena. It could just as easily be portrayed as Ed trying to salvage Dena's dreadful stories by seeking input from the cast.
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