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Dr. Chip

This isn't shocking to me at all. I'm just surprised Dena lasted longer than her last stint as DAYS' head writer. Ed Scott may have been writing the show for "quite some time," but I think most of that material is stuff we haven't seen yet. The crap that's been on the air in recent months is pure Dena -- it sounds okay on paper, the execution is ruined, the story is just plain boring, and then it falls flat.

I remember what Ed Scott did for this show when he first came on board. I remember how excited the cast and the fans were, and I remember the difference he made. Dena can whine and cry all she wants, but I'm grateful that Ed is there. Hiring Ed, in my opinion, is the best move Corday has ever made.

Dena was a failure the last time she wrote DAYS, and then she bombed out at OLTL. When she decided to let the Phoenix stay in the comatose "ashes" this time around, and then Joe had a public fit about it, and then Joe was suddenly brought back, I knew it was only a matter of time.

The only problem now is . . . Ken Corday. Whether he's firing a good writer or a bad writer, he always seems to be firing writers. (Maybe Dena quit, but the handwriting has been on the wall for a while.) That hurts the credibility and stability of the show. And now we have to fear who he might choose next.

On a positive note, I think Deidre Hall will be moving back to the forefront again, and I think Martha Madison ought to start sitting by her phone. It's about to ring.
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