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1.Tell everyone on staff that it's either shape up or hit the unemployment line—and mischief is KILLING not just your house, but the whole neighborhood—the whole genre!!!
2.For heaven’s sake, stop making Dimera Mansion a freshman dorm room
3a.Get a writer who understands character-- preferably one that also understands DOOL characters and
3b. Make all the actors STFUp and do their jobs—like, act…correct historical error if you’ve been around for 20 years and catch somethin' amiss, but nothing else…(Yes Drake, this means you—we don’t care about your excitement at evolving your acting chops—your recent shenanigans have many of those who supported you wish you’d gone back to Indiana)
4.Put the fanbase favorites on to regain lapsed viewers (Yes, I am a J&M junkie, so I am seeing red, yellow and purple with Colorado and Java… but I mean put ALL the vets who have active fanbases on…DOOL was up ½ pt in Feb vs now…because of J&M who actually felt like J&M AND all the other vets too)
5.Write scenes that reflect even semi-coherence (I think you will have to build to whole shows that don’t have character inconsistencies—start small, then try whole show, two consecutive shows and so forth)
6.Build new characters slowly-- some will catch on if you give them a chance to become familiar before they are porking multiple partners
7.Stop shoving sea-monkey/magic rock pairings down our throats
8.Deal with Ali’s absence now—SLOW build that makes sense-- no more Stan crap
9.Write character driven stories and stay out of elevators and off rooftops. DOOL fans—yes the 18-49ers, AND the 18-34 subset—watch DOOL specifically for internal angst, or even triangle angst with real depth (see Kritter/Billie). Even when there are aliens and devils—DOOLers watch because of characters they know, love and empathize with…
10.Bring back fan faves (and give them story—a la J&Jen) or stunt cast with friends of yore (Patsy, Doug, Julie…) and stop dressing them like circus clowns

Seriously, it is not that complicated. Stick your egos and libidos in a dark corner, and set to doing what you SHOULD be doing—creating addictive television with characters we feel are family.
Please. And thank you.

PS-- It would help if you could actually SEE the show-- the new lighting is inane-- yes, rosy up the vet camera lenses to be kind, but for chrissakes, it shouldn't ALWAYS look like there's a power outtage.
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