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Jack and Jennifer are probably never going to return, since they'd have to recast Jennifer and I don't think people would accept it no matter who played the part. Cause isn't Melissa Reeves retired?

Also. You're really missing the point completely by saying "get a writer who knows how to [whatever].." It's more that they need to get rid of the producers and executives who put their noses in where they do not belong. Extending the Vendetta origins storyline and ruining Sami/EJ's storyline, as per what Tom Casiello talked about, based on NBC Message Board response is just ridiculous. That needs to go.

Then from there you can see what other improvements need to be made.

"Bringin' back da vets" isn't a legitimate solution. It's getting the most out of who you have. Ex: Steve and Kayla's return should have been way more than it was. It started out ok, but it really sunk away around the Tinda Lau and mental hospital storylines. So much so, it killed their much-anticipated return dead. It went from "Hey I can't wait to see these guys return" over the course of many years since Steve's death, to "All that, for this? Eh. *shrug*"
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