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I finally feel sane enough to comment on today...

I didn't like the pick-up to Philip's shooting, we should have seen everyone freaking the fuck out and scrambling to call 911. Morgan didn't seem that upset at the police station, which I think is just dumb. If she was really panicking over this, you'd think she'd tell them 'screw your statements, I'm going to the hospital.' The closing scene with Philip didn't bother me as much, I think she did well there, actually.

I loved the hospital scenes, obviously because of Kate. I'm glad we get to see her starting to crack under pressure, and grannyhug made me very, very happy. Telling Victor about Philip was admittingly, not her finest moment, but I think LK played that scene so well I'll overlook Kate's rather irresponsible impulse. I'll always love Kate's trademark mascara tears.

Bope angst! I don't know why, but I love when they fight. Hope's threats to him were a little jarring to me. She's gonna try and get his ass thrown in jail?! Bo just needs to go to mexico for a week, Ej-style, and get away from all this crap. He looked like he was going to cough up a hairball when Morgan said her father mentioned Philip being dangerous. Poor guy.

John and Ava are kinda starting to squick me out...dude, on the couch?
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