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Marlena, defender of the LITTLE PEOPLE now! Dear God, I'd think she was the diva from this episode alone. Even Nicole is calling her gutsy.

Stax: Did not hate them today. Was not bored. I don't care for DB and he bugs just cause I don't see the hunky guy that everyone on this show apparently sees, but at least his moods are gone. I did like Stephanie talking to the French guys. I liked the geeky one with her, she should dump Max and go for a rock jock. What? Anyway, this is obviously setting up for the kind of person Melanie is...I just hope with this build up...Molly can freaking act. Now what did irk me is the incestuous joke that Max would be the "kind of guy" Melanie would be attracted to. I know it sets up that she cons geeky guys while preferring hunky ones, but the joke fell flat since Stephanie and Max are related.

Nick! Did y'all see him! He was there! It was his standard only 3 minute episode but this time it was important! He's using work to distract himself from his life (or lack thereof). He spots Melanie as a party girl! And maybe even more important, he is still smart and he saw through Trent's line about Max.

Is it wrong to find Trent hot during his scenes with Nicole? I love the Ejole scenes too but what is it with Trent? Oh, I know, hee RB.

Oh can I be hired to create mock web pages for the show? I'm not that good with them but I can make them appear to look like a gossip site and not some random word document.
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