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Jul 29 2008, 02:20 PM
Is it wrong to find Trent hot during his scenes with Nicole? I love the Ejole scenes too but what is it with Trent? Oh, I know, hee RB.

Oh can I be hired to create mock web pages for the show? I'm not that good with them but I can make them appear to look like a gossip site and not some random word document.
Tripp - that is hilarious! I also perked up when Trent was licking his lips and talking about putting Nicole over his knee. He is the best creepy guy!

I also thought Marlena would fly over the table and ravish EJ with the way he was looking at her. Man, that dude is so damn fuckable it is not even funny! He just smolders in some scenes, and the scenes with Marlena when she was calling him out on his stuff, I felt like the cartoon dog with my tongue hanging out! Dayum!

Anyone thought it was slightly weird that Trent made a comment about how the internet is great for finding out all kinds of information about people? Then the Java guy made a comment about he didn't know why anyone would want to be famous with all the stuff that gets written about them. Kinda poignant after the past few days.

Speaking of, Java guy was friggin gorgeous! Great smile, cute, could act...can we swap him out with a few other actors on the show?

Good to see Nick.
And yea, the web page did look like a word document...Days is so bad at that stuff.

Stax wasn't too bad. Shelley is beautiful...and while I don't like Max, I like when he flirted with that French chick. I don't like Max the hero like he was with Steph. I like Max the slacker bad ass picking up chicks. I also find it funny that the genius side of him seems to have vanished.

And not so sure about the cellphone PSA. What da hell?!?!
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