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Jul 29 2008, 04:49 PM
I do find it a little strange that she talks about Morgan being a strong character but then that she's a damsel in distress and looking to fall into Philip's arms or whatever; I guess the schizophrenic writing makes the interview process difficult. If Morgan would fall into Nick's arms, or Max's again, or pretty much anyone's other than Philip's my feelings for her could simmer back down to indifference or perhaps even mild interest. I did think she was very cute with Nick the one day that he was trying to talk about his grant and Chelsea and Stephanie were rolling their eyes at his scienceosity. She's just a terrible fit with Philip, IMO.
At one time I would have taken the idea of Nick/Morgan but I do find Nick/Melanie more intriguing (though maybe he could date the "safe girl" of Morgan but feel attracted to bad girl Melanie?)

That said, I have no idea WTH the TPTB will not put Nick and Morgan in scenes together. I did think that scene Paxton talked of was very cute and it would strengthen both characters to be in scenes supporting one another instead of Morgan all about Philip and Nick all about Stax. WCS would be that people might ship Nick and Morgan and honestly that's not necessarily a bad thing. They gave us a few cute Nick/Stephanie scenes so why not just let them be friends and interact?
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