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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Stefano blames Marlena for putting him in a catatonic state; John finds Marlena in distress in her penthouse and calls for help.

John confronts Stefano in the hospital bed; Marlena delivers bad news to Anna.

Marlena's oxygen mask is removed and she starts to breathe in a mysterious vapor.

Marlena asks Stefano if he is going to kill her; John and Tony battle it out.

Sami hallucinates and trips EJ, thinking he is Stefano; Kayla passes out from the vapors, while Steve tries frantically to get them out of the locked room.

**UPDATED 7/30**

Daily spoilers

Monday, August 11th
Stefano continues to blame Marlena; Tony and E.J. doubt that Marlena could harm Stefano; Anna finds John to tell him Stefano is awake; John and Anna find Marlena on the floor of her penthouse; Stefano warns Tony that he is going to have to choose sides.

Tuesday, August 12th
John confronts Stefano; Kayla tries to determine the substance Marlena was injected with; Marlena admits to having injected Stefano with a toxin; Steve prevents John from hurting Stefano; a strange vapor begins to waft out of the vents.

Wednesday, August 13th
Someone removes Marlena's oxygen mask and she begins to breathe in the vapor; Steve grabs an oxygen mask for baby Joe; Kayla loses consciousness; John tells Stefano that he will not get away with it; Stefano tells Sami he will not hurt her.

Thursday, August 14th
Roman sets up a base of operations for the police at the hospital; Tony suggests John take over the DiMera empire; Nicole tells Philip she is falling for E.J.; John and Tony face off; Marlena asks Stefano if he will kill her; the disk is thrown away.

Friday, August 15th
Roman asks a technician to get him access to the security cameras; John hears Stefano's voice over the intercom; Sami, dazed, trips E.J., thinking he is Stefano; Nicole sees Sami and E.J. on the security cameras; baby Joe is missing.

**UPDATED 7/31**

National Enquirer spoilers

Sami and EJ share an intimate moment.

Nicole confesses to Phillip that she is falling for EJ.


**UPDATED 8/5**

Daytime Dial spoilers

The week of August 11:

Nicole admits to Philip that she is falling for EJ.

A mysterious vapor is pumped through the vents while the hospital is on lockdown.

Anna tells John that Stefano is awake.

EJ and Sami share an intimate moment.

Roman hooks up a surveillance camera to monitor what’s going on in the hospital.

Thursday – Stefano confronts Marlena and lets her know what he has in store for her.

Friday – Baby Joe is kidnapped.


**UPDATED 8/8**

SOW Sneak Peeks

Sami threatens Stefano.
Kayla searches for a cure.
Tony and John face off over the DiMera empire.
Nicole admits to Philip that she is falling for EJ.
Roman investigates a hospital emergency.
Steve tries to save baby Joe.

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