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Jul 29 2008, 08:31 PM
Most that are attacking her are clearly just upset that there is a road block for Philip/Chloe.

I said interviews (plural) because she's come across that way to me multiple times. Phloe loving is probably shading that, but it is truly how I see it.

And if she were just a road block, I wouldn't care less about her. I probably wouldn't even get upset about the character at all. But as far as I can tell Dena is intent on throwing Chloe over and putting Phorgan together and yeah, I'm pissed after waiting eight years for a reunion to not be getting one for some stupid pointless minor character who went from being on twice a month to almost every day.
OK, now this is one of the things that bothers me.....the whole payoff thing. SOME fans are going to be left out. The whole fanbase "I'm waiting for my payoff" thing is probably one of the reasons Days is in the trouble it's in to begin with. That's been expressed before. I can't imagine waiting 8 years just to see a soap couple get back together again, but that's me. Shoot, if that's the case, I'd still be waiting for Don Craig to return from the post office! :D
Now granted, I don't feel Philip and Morgan have been cutting it lately either, but it's not because of me waiting for any payoff. As they continue to make every fanbase happy, it's no wonder things feel so topsy-turvy and unsettled.
What about Broe fans? They got their marriage payoff, but then there's the divorce. They lost their happily ever after. They're probably few and far between (or not very vocal), but somewhere on this universe, I'm sure there are some Lucas and Chloe fans. Don't they deserve a little more time before the plug is pulled?
What about the Philip and Belle fans? There are quite a few people left unsettled about the unexplored options for JKJ and MM. There are people wanting Philip and Stephanie.
Where does the madness stop?
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