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Jul 29 2008, 09:29 PM
I am hoping that someone will actually have a decent love story built for Lucas and Chloe. Probably won't happen, but I can hope. I just like that Lucas isn't always yelling, when he is with Chloe. I hope that maybe we can actually see some real acting from BD. Such a hot lookin man, and all he gets to do is scowl and yell.
I'm not a Lucas fan, but I sympathize. He's been stuck for so long with only having AS, JS and LK to work with. He's been having the same conversation for what, two years now? If nothing else I'm sure BD was excited to work with somebody different. The problem is the romantic options on this show for women in his age range are somewhat limited. He's already been married to Nicole, and who else is there? Chloe is kind of it.

I actually thought he and MM had chemistry in a scene they had together last year--I remember it was when MM had just gotten those hair extensions and I think they might have been in Marlena's townhouse. I enjoyed them together.
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