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All I will say about this week is it's very disappointing. The followup to last Friday's cliffhanger sucked. How can you just skip ahead to Philip on a gurney already? Also, did anyone notice how Friday's show ended on us not knowing who got shot but NBC.com had a different sort of ending with it being revealed it was Philip by way of Morgan reacting to it. Stupid. Plus, where the hell did Kate come from? Sure, she could've figured out where Philip was but still. Stupid all around. Contrived and stupid.

Speaking of contrived, that Kate/Victor scene, while well-acted, made Kate come off like a dumbass. Why have her tell Victor something like that? Stupid. I did like Daniel comforting Kate though.

The Morgan/Philip scene at the end was nice but they resolved his being shot way too quickly. No wonder he is released next week.

I enjoyed the cop shop stuff but the John stuff was horrible. Having him and Ava have sex and celebrating in a room where someone just got shot? I like Java but come on. I at least expect Ava to show some courtesy since John has no emotion. Dumb, as was the end scene. We get this great ending with John revealing he knows something and he isn't even on today. Instead, it all picks up on Wednesday's show. It should pick up on Tuesday!!! You can't wait a God damn day to pick up a cliffhanger!! Ugh!! :frustration: .

As for today, I despise Stax but their stuff was pretty good. I liked them reminding us of Max's past through that old flame of his. Nice progression today. Nicole/Trent/EJ was pretty good. Enjoyed seeing Nick back but the whole setup with him finding the party girl site which will lead him to Melanie is too similar to Lonely Splicer for me. Unless they acknowledge that, that could end up being annoying. It would be like recreating Chick minus Chelsea.

I loved seeing Marlena and I hope to see more scenes of her and Trent. They worked well together but I'm perplexed as to why they even interacted. I doubt it means anything, which is also very annoying. Then, we have to have Marlena reverting back to her Langan days. Just when I thought the writing for her was improving after last Friday they do this. Marlena is back to being morally superior to everyone again. Stefano can't come back soon enough. Hopefully, his presence can fix this Marlena issue. EJ is no saint but I would've told Marlena to get off her damn high horse. And what the hell was the cell phone PSA? More NBC pushed shit? I did like the java cafe guy though and the guy and girl we saw in France today.

This week is frustrating. Maybe it's just because I'm more engrossed in the scandal or that I really want to get to next week's stuff. Whatever it is, I'm not into this week so far at all.
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