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Ok...the 1940's stuff is a ripoff of OLTL. I was afraid of this. Everytime a soap gets loads of praise and is on fire other soaps tend to rip it off and Days stands in line as the first. I hated the time crap on OLTL but there is a saving grace here. Ari will make something out of this and at least it's a fantasy. The OLTL one is kind of being played straight up with a love story at the center and that is hurting it too. I do like the film noir concept and we've heard the Cary Grant/James Scott comparisons over the years so maybe that was some inspiration.

The hospital thing is intriguing. My guess is that Stefano is going to wreak havoc and that is where the hallucinations happen or something. I have some high hopes for this.

I can understand doing short arcs during this time. Days will likely air at different times outside of the eastern time zone and it's better to do short arcs like this so that if anyone does miss it, there isn't much being missed. That and this seems to be interesting and fun and could build into more so it can get some fans into it too. Makes sense IMO. I look forward to it. At least they put some effort forth and it shows that they thought about things this time, unlike the 2004 summer Olympics when Days refused to edit things and get the cliffhanger show on before the Olympic break.
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